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Champion Sparkplug RN2C

Champion more than a name. Champion has embraced the car, motorcycle and aviation industry in both racing and transport since Albert Champion emigrated to the USA in 1889 to race cars and motorcycles. Champion plugs ignited the success of the Ford Model T (still in production today), the Concorde's Rolls Royce engines, land speed records, FI, Nascar and is factory installed in 8 of 10 new cars. Champion spark plugs are available for virtually all motorcycles enabling you to go the distance, and more!

Fits: > BMW: 60-69 R 69S 600cc Honda: 85-86 NS / NS R 400cc; CR R 450cc Kawasaki: GPZ R 750cc; GPZ Turbo 750cc; KX 450cc; KX A 400cc; KX A 420cc; Z 750cc; Z GP, GT, L3, LTD 750cc Suzuki: 87-87 RG 500 500cc; 1980 ON 400cc; 1980 PE X 400cc; 1983 GS D, E, L, P 750cc; 1984 GS E, ES 550cc; 1984 GS GTZ, GTX, GZ 850cc; 1984 GSX E, ES, L, FU, SU D, E, G, H 550cc; GS MX, LN, T 550cc; GS N 500cc; GT 750cc; GT AB, K, M 550cc Yamaha: 84-88 IT L 490cc; DT E 400cc


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