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Afam, steel rear sprocket. 45 teeth

All AFAM steel rear sprockets are manufactured in C45N steel and the teeth are induction hardened. This combination coupled with high quality chain guarantees high mileage. Perfectly round, flat and concentric, possessing the unique AFAM tooth profile makes it the best after market sprocket available.

Fits: > Kawasaki: 13-16 Z 800 ZR800 ABS BDS,BEF,BFF,BGF; 13-16 Z 800 ZR800 ADS,AEF,AFF,AGF; 13-16 Z 800 e ZR800 ABS DDS,DEF,DFF,DGF; 13-16 Z 800 e ZR800 CDS,CEF,CFF,CGF; 2016 Z 800 e ZR800 Special Edition ABS DGFA; 2016 Z 800 e ZR800 Special Edition CGFA; 89-90 ZXR 400 H1,H2; 91-99 ZXR 400 L1,L2,L3,L4,L5,L6,L7,L8,L9


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