LongRide, roll bag waxed cotton wide. Black wax

Black waxed. Approx. dimensions: 55cm wide x 28cm diameter. Made from waxed cotton canvas with a polyester inside lining and finished with oiled ranger leather. Great universal roll bag for any sort of trip to anywhere. Throw on the back of your bike or carry it on your shoulder and go. Note waxed cotton: The 'Waxed Cotton' material, as used in the LongRide product line, is manufactured from approx. 650gr/m 100% cotton cloth. This cloth is impregnated with wax, which makes it durable and gives it water repellant characteristics. This is the historically correct predecessor of synthetic developments like, for instance, Goretex. This is the genuine classic material. Note ranger leather: Genuine leather, harvested from West-European cattle. The Ranger Leather is the neck part and this is used for its nice grain. It is environmentally friendly vegetably tanned on a base of the bark of the Mimosa tree. After tanning it is saturated with leather grease for preservation purposes. Maintenance, on a regular base, is advised, like with all leather products.

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