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Rick's Hot Shot Lithium ion battery compatible rec-regulator

Rick's Motorsport Electrics offers their Hot Shot aftermarket Lithium Ion compatible rectifier regulator for Ducati motorcycles. This part is a replacement for the OEM piece that is made with Mosfet technology & the correct voltage set point to work with Lithium Ion batteries. Rick's design will look different from stock and may need to be relocated. It will come with wire leads only and customers will need to reuse their OE connector or hard wire. Wiring instructions will be included. This rec-reg is not for use with standard lead acid batteries. The voltage set point is 14V +/- .2. Please contact the manufacturer of your Lithium Ion Battery to ensure our product has the correct set point for their product.

Fits: > Ducati: 94 888 LTD; 86 748 Montjuich; 97-98 748 Super Bike All Models; 97 750 Monster; 87-88 750 Paso All Models; 90, 92-93 750 Super Sport Sport; 85-88 750F-1; 86-87 750F-1B; 90-92 851 Sport; 94-97 900 Monster; 92-97 900 Super Sport; 93 900 Superlight; 90 906 Paso; 91-93 907 Paso IE; 95-98 916 Super Bike Biposto; 98 944 Sport Touring ST2


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